The Who and What of WordPress

Between HTML 5,Java, FTP and C+++ and whatever you’re having yourself, it all sounds very confusing. Then along came a software developer who upped the game and snap you have WordPress

The Who

Keeping it simple is the key to WordPress’ success. Matt Mullenweg legend WordPressian has done just that. Matt his Automatticians and happiness engineers  give you the tools to be a designer, when you are done this is what you will see or whatever you went for.

The What

Here it is-WordPress-what do you think? What you are looking at is the front cover of the book and by clicking through the menu’s and links you are flicking through the pages. To put a WP site together you go to the backend i.e. you become the designer/author of your book, the driver of your own car. Hence the dashboard metaphor, and away you go: at this present time destination unknown.

Everything is a possibility: all you need to bring along is your imagination, a few ideas and jump in: WP will catch you.