Fintan Murphy ‘The Cloud’? Hello!

the cloud

Fintan Murphy’s notes on the ‘Cloud’

Fintan  Murphy of Damson Cloud gave a talk on ‘The Cloud’ on behalf of Enterprise Cork.

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What is Cloud Computing? Well, that was the reason why most of us   were there. Think of an actual cloud, it floats around the earth going from place place  sharing hail ,rain,snow the virtual  ‘cloud’ works off the same idea.By any other word the Cloud is Connection, no, two words Collaborative Connection.

Remember before it was actually named we were all in the cloud but didn’t know it. Think when you used buy a book from Amazon or Ebay you were working in the cloud.

Then a couple of developers took it a step further and named it, made it personal, and out there. One of the masters of the cloud is ‘Dropbox.

First you have to sign up to Dropbox.

Dropbox sits on the Cloud and once you sign up you can disseminate anything with others. But better still you can save all that you have on your computer in Dropbox.

Say you have a lot of files and you want to access them on other devices well once you save them in drop box they are accessible any where, any place. This video was from Women’s Network.

He also shared some good ideas on the new look Google especially ‘Hangout’, this is where you can have conference calls.

Google is under utilised. He showed how the new Google Apps work and how Google is the same as Microsoft Office. They are a couple of steps away of making Excel compatible.

He talked of ‘Training App’ which is a great idea. If you want to know how to use say email it will talk and write you through within the program and show you ‘how to’ live.

Freshbooks is the latest in online accounting even accountants are specialising in using these programs, as you can deep track of your business, then just send your data to your accountant.

It was a brilliant talk. Once again to get the best out of these apps you must add the data yourself. They work but your input is necessary. Nothing will replace the human app.