If Your Irish Come Into The Parlour

Ireland from spaceYou can hear the air in your head can’t you?

Something to think about when getting a domain name: check out the IEDR

The IEDR is Ireland’s domain registry. Not everyone can have a .ie extension. It says who you are culturally and tells the world where you come from. Next time think about going .ie for Eire.

Why .ie? That’s why!

The .ie domain name is Ireland’s national web address. Choosing .ie instantly shows that you have a connection with Ireland and also an authenticated claim to the specific domain name you choose.

So what will a .ie mean for me?

  • Guaranteed Irish – to have a .ie domain name you must prove a real and substantive connection to Ireland.
  • Confidence comes with guarantees and a .ie can help to ensure that your customers know exactly who they are dealing with.
  • Safety – .ie are the 2nd safest domains in the world, with lower instances of cybercrime and cybersquatting than other domains.

Choose a .ie instead of a .com because you will:

  • Show that you are Irish – .coms could be from anywhere and registered by anybody.
  • Protect your brand -in 2009 .com had thousands of domain name dispute claims filed, .ie had six.
  • Beat the odds – there is a good chance that the domain name you want is still available with a .ie address, chances are a .com has already been registered with the name you want.
  • Ensure your customers find you – if a person uses a search engine extension that is based in Ireland (e.g. google.ie) there is a greater chance that your website will be listed on the first page of the results.