Cork Chamber of Commerce ?

What is it and what does it do? Everybody wants to know what they will get out of being a member of any club. Commerce is the hint. You get commercial gain from being a member of the Cork Chamber of COMMERCE.

What they do is promote, encourage, invite, network, advertise and mentor you. You gather up ideas and meet people with different thoughts to yourself. There is no point in joining to meet like minds you need different minds, where you will gain knowledge on all aspects of the how and what, where and when and imagine. policy_voice2 This is networking.

Ok you can have a cynical approach to networking but in any other terms it is like a poshed up word of chat. Think about it people would meet in the local for a chat, same but different. And we are great at it. The Chamber reaches out to over 5,000 people. And at one of there business meetings you can have your say. Get it all out, say what you are about, a bit like Ted Talks. Maybe Cork Chamber will set up their own youtube caint channel. So being a part of the Chamber of Commerce helps your business grow, lets you have your say, in turn you influence people.

Don’t think for a minute it is a parochial or esoteric group. No way, the Chamber can bring you and your business far and wide to the other side of the world, and anyone can join.

In order to become a member you need €265.68 single membership. More, if it’s more than one. This can be paid in stage payments, it is about Commerce after all.

Money makes the world round and that literally is what the Cork Chamber of Commerce does.