So you want your site to take off. Here’s how!

Action=Behaviour right! And with every action there is a reaction. That is the behaviour. Trying to figure out the ‘why’ of this combo keeps statisticians’ busy using various mathematical equations.statistics

If you have a full picture you can make deductions based on it. If you are shown half a picture then the mind has to imagine what is happening at the other side.

The same goes for Google analytics and statistics.

They input data from a site but if they only have one part of the picture, the analytics side you won’t see the full picture. So you must link analytics and adwords.

Yes the world is based on numbers and statistics. Numbers and statistics won’t account for the outsider or outlier but in metrics that outlier has a place. By linking your Google analytics and adwords accounts you will see the reason behind the numbers and what that outlier does as well.

You will be able to rationalise not infer but actually see data that will show you the

’why’ of the conversion.

By linking adwords to analytics you can see who is doing what, where, when that is the quantitative part, the qualitative is another story that is the why question. That is the analysis kicking in.

Same as going to a psychiatrist. The story is told the psychiatrist analyses it. No story no analyses. It’s all about linking and associations. Change associations and triggers change the behaviour.

If you have a site, say you run bus tours, but one tour gets all the clicks and it is from people in Paris  France, you have to ask: Why?

What is it about your site that people in Paris who book a tour to Glendalough click, book and pay like clockwork, what path leads to the conversion?

This is every site owners dream but you will also want to know what is making this happen.

What is the reason? What are they thinking?

You may have an adword that makes associations to a French mindset. You may have an image or link that they find enamouring this is the full picture.

From this rich data you can make site specific content and adwords aimed at different audience and know the ‘why’ of it all.

This knowledge is the power in statistics, and it’s yours to take advantage of compliments of Google.