Kali.ie Getting Small Businesses Online

Kali.ie Getting Small Businesses Online Affordable,Effective,Professional,Essential

Kali is creation made whole.

Kali is a Cork City Partnership supported project. The aim of Kali is to get small businesses online with a reasonably priced website ie €300.
Good value with professional design and you’ll soon be online.
There are two types of website:
  1. Hosted
yoursite.com.net.org. There is a yearly charge for this hosting service
2.Self hosted  
yoursite.wordpress.com There is no yearly charge for this website
At Kali the first appointment with you will be about your ideas, your content,your features.
It is important for you to have ideas about what you would like to see on your website.Websites
have personality but they are also uniform in the required HOME,ABOUT, WELCOME,CONTACT pages.