Essential WordPress manual to download

book of kells letter eEssential WordPress manual to download

So why have a website? And what is the story with WordPress and their free software. Free to use and modify. Sounds too good to be true and if it is…! Well it isn’t! It does what it says it does, gives it to you to use and share and maybe make a bit of money out of using it as either a designer,developer or website owner.

So far no catch. Go for it. This manual  is a DIY manual and it gives you a good grounding on making changes yourself.

That same question was asked about electricity, the phone, fire, the wheel, pens and ink.

Questioning and critiquing is good and wondering why should I bother? is understandable.

The internet is here, generally the train has long left the station before people realise the advantages of a commodity, luckily you can still get on board.

The internet and having a website is still the obvious purchase to communicate products, crafts, photography, goods and services to the world.

Yes it’s hard to imagine the whole wide world WWW is waiting to hear from you.

Of course it is local business you are after. And supporting local is what keeps the wheels turning. Having a website on your business card or other marketing paraphernalia is what gets you out there.

Once people can click on your site see what you are selling or offering or organising they will come.

Yes they may ring and then buy somewhere else but that is accommodating your customer and they having a choice either way they know you exist.

If you are competitive it really is all about price.

People are canny as they always were. On the high street it was a bit inconvenient going from shop to shop checking for the best value but it was done. And word of mouth was the best conveyor of who has what where and how much.

So bother you should. Keep it simple is the best advice or Occams razor if you can say or do it simply take the simple route.