One Day @ a Time

One Day @ a Time

TThe first thing you need is a domain name. You can use if it’s available, or think up something snazzy. buy my domain names from, but you’ll need to ignore all the offers for extra services – they’re masters at the upsell. Now even though buyi ng the domain name is cheaper from Godaddy sometimes it’s best to buy from the host then you just follow along. The other way you have to c especially if you want one site.


Hosts:Fatcow, Ipage, Hostgator have one thing that’s hard to find and that is fantastic customer chatline service fast,efficient and customer orientated. I use all three, they’ll ask you for your domain name, which you just purchased. Fill in their form, sign up for an account, and then go look in your email inbox.

Installing WordPress on Your Website.

EASY the hosts do all that you just click the button. First this is what your CPanel looks like


wpThe Fatcow cpanel







Press the Install WordPress button, and let it do it’s thing. Be sure to ask the program to send you an email with your username and password – you know you’ll lose that slip of paper you wrote them on…


fatcow install screen

  • Install in Directory: You probably want to leave this blank, unless you want WordPress to be located somewhere other than the root folder of your site. If you don’t know what that means, leave the field blank.
  • Administrator User Name: This can by your name, Admin, or anything else you want.
  • Password: Don’t use your birthday, your pet’s name, or “password.” You do not want your site to get hacked. Use a random string of numbers, letters and symbols, and write it down.
  • Admin Nickname: This shows up when you write a post or page (although you can have a post without a byline, if you want). Use your own name, or make something up.
  • Admin e-Mail: Use the address you set up when you got your hosting account. Be sure to set up your Outlook program to read emails from that account, so you don’t miss anything important. You’ll receive an email whenever someone comments on one of your posts, and you can get a new password if you forget your old one. You can also change the email address later, if you need to.
  • Site Name: This will show up as the Title on your new site. For instance, on this site I typed “How to Build Your Own Website.” You can change this later, to anything you want.
  • Description: This is the tagline that shows up under the title. If you change your mind later, you can edit this field in your new website’s Dashboard.