So you want to create your own youtube chanell: but how?

So you want to go Youtubing but how?

Who,What,When,Where, How. How is the primary question just listen to children.

First download this, can’t say it better than Gideon can.

YouTube have made creating a YouTube channel so easy that even I could do it.
This wasn’t apparent until Gideon Shalwick put up some learning, did you know and how to videos about how to get out there with you tube.
Hints and tips with lots and loads of simply explained and understandable information.
From the simple things like: how did that box get up there in the corner to how to make a video? He suggests the mnemonic DEFICE.

Video is now a device more capturing than a visual still even the written word has lost its edge to captivate on the net. So video killed the radio star, the written word, the image. We are being whittled away.
People prefer to see how. The written word can do it , a set of stills can do it, a recording can do it but nothing can do it like stringing all three together. This is vicarious learning and it is like being an apprentice. You watch and learn. YouTube have cottoned on to this and so has the rest of the world. You have to search around for a trusted teacher.
For instance putting up a garden fence there are some seriously weird fencer putter uppers but if you grind down into YouTube you will find someone who explains and shows you dig for dig and nail for nail how to. They may have only one video but that’s all you need.

A picture can paint a 1,000 words, a story it’s the way you tell em, write about it naw it wouldn’t be the same,could anyone grab this and explain like a video can

No siree.Still makes me laugh.
You can make a lot of money creating your own YouTube channel especially if it attracts people and you keep on attracting them. Don’t get tooooo enthusiastic posting everyday: here comes burn out.
Enjoy Gideon Shalwick understanding YouTube Chanel.