Why use Customizr v3.1.5 Theme

why use Customizr v3.1.5 Theme


By Nicolas Guillaume (nikeo).n guilluame

Who is the developer of the WordPress Customizr Theme.

This theme is very professional and eye candy catching. Don’t ask me why but it is very intuitive once you know how, I suggest following this video by Katrinah to kick it into action.

Also bite the bullet and pay for the WordPress Font Customizer. Take full control of your fonts in any WordPress themes with a beautiful and powerful live preview user interface size, colour, letter-spacing, hover colour, …
$19.95 for one site.2-5 $29.95 unlimited $99.95 putting in his video which shows what changes can be made as the music is class.

The thing about having the extra features is you can put your own spin on the design. If you design a lot of sites no one will be the same.
The response time to a query is Jack time. Aka 24. There are a posse of friendlies who show and help with all manner of why? How? Please help!
That’s it YouTube is the star of the show again.