So how do you get over yourself for the video cam?

So how do you get over yourself for the video cam?et

Yes, imagine it is the fear of your self out there. Out there among the gawking masses lol who will be watching and rejecting you on video. The video at the end of this post gets to grips with that initial OMG is that me? Turn it off. Amazing how beautiful a crow is over a robin or a slug over a bumble bee you just have to look harder!

The fear of being seen and heard and laughed at, with or any other way people perceive you is to find out how to overcome this. This is your mind. The mind is a philosophical phenomenon. Does it exist and where is it?

Yes it does it exist. It’s that bit of you called the self the one true self. Sometimes we love it sometimes we hate it either way you can’t get rid of it but you can do something about its attitude regarding you.

Within that mind is your sub-conscious. The hypnotherapist Dr Joseph Keaney  what is his target market: the subconscious.

In this area are deep rooted ideas of our self and the world around us. What you need to do is develop a method of reconditioning the subconscious about your fear of seeing and hearing yourself on video.

Dr Joseph Keaney can change how your subconscious works. In order to do this you have to let him in by going under hypnosis.

Going on video, seeing yourself, hearing yourself, looking at yourself is the self others see and hear in the real world. But it’s knew(new) to you, yes you know yourself key to you as Socrates says ’know thyself’ and it can be amazing how hard we are on this image of us in front of us on YouTube.

All you have to do is accept your self, this video gives some nifty tips on how to get over yourself.