How About doing a night class: support your local school

WordPress: Small Changes are Simple (always a caveat) Once You Know How !!

Iwish more business websites were built on WordPress. Many people who have sites that need to be updated with new store hours, new products, etc., can’t do it themselves. First  you need to understand how WP works so enrol @

Ashton Community School Monday 730-9.30
Bishopstown Community School Tuesday730-9.30
 Douglas Community School Thursday 730-9.30
 St Colman’s College Midleton Co Cork Wednesday 730-9.30: – ( Cancelled not enough participants

It’s a great idea to try and learn how to make small changes. Knowing this would mean you can easily make small changes yourself. Someone here in town a small shop owner hired somebody to do a simple update on their site; they waited three months and then paid €100. There’s no excuse for that any more — but some designers want to keep their clients in the dark so they have the repeat business, I suppose.

Anyway, it may be a good idea to consider doing a night class. To know the basics would give you confidence  in making additions or deletions. For instance putting oil in the car. That used to freak me out, now I can even change the oil because I took a night class. You see some people like to make out its all gobbledegook and you’d never learn. Believe me if you want to know you will understand.

The backend of the website can look daunting. Menus, widgets, plugins, posts, pages and yes it is a bit frightening but just go with it, let the mouse do the walking.

The worst that can happen is that the page will go ooops not here, or you’ve made an error. Because a computer tells you this and you have no one to ask for help taking a class will leap you over your fear and do it anyway. Believe me it’s not fatal it’s only a website.