Isn’t a Facebook page all anyone needs? Eh NO

But 600 million people visit Facebook on a daily basis?

You don’t actually own your Facebook page or followers.When Facebook kills your page, you’re dead Jim!!cutterfly

Your followers are dead¿ A website running on your own domain name is yours to keep.

Your website is a permanent destination that is easily linked to.Active on social networks? you understand the value of having a permanent destination where your audience can consume your content. BLOG-SHARE-enjoy better search rankings as the link is shared through your network of followers.

Your website is a destination for search engine traffic.
Would you rather have them land on FB or your own website? 
Yes social networks are incredibly popular, BUT search engines are still one of the most common ways that people look for information online.
If you’ve been putting off building your business website because social networking is easier, you should know that websites aren’t as complicated as they used to be. Call only €300 for your own virtual business card aka WEBSITE.
Facebook is huge. But MySpace was huge before Facebook. And Friendster was huge. When your audience moves on to the next social network you face the prospect of building your following all over again.evolution