WordPressian user? How,Why,Now

Think of WordPress as you  the author and Wp the new book. Any book is for reading so you must make your book relevant for the reader.
The reader needs to know a few things: is it fact or fiction, brochure or magazine, DIY or interest. Every book needs a destination, a plan and a category so have a title, sub title, index, beginning, middle and end or no end. Think James Connolly, Douglas Adams (rip), Patricia Cornell and Ken Follett.gandhi
A reader can get hooked and if you do it right your website can have the same effect.
Principle of reinforcing the story:
Tell them
Tell them
Tell them again.
Now this may come across as a bit of a cliché, it’s not, how do you learn if it is not reinforced? How do you master anything unless you practice, practice and keep practicing for ever?brain
Think of a child’s first word, it is said because they hear it constantly. Usually dada. If a child has ‘fuck’ in their lingo well they hear it, hear it and hear it.

If you want your WordPress website to have a bit of pizaz going on you need to understand how it works and what happens if, you do this by practice.

Your website needs to know what it is talking about.

For instance Adam McLean http://www.alchemywebsite.com/adam.html if you want to know anything about alchemy, Latin, myths, manuscripts,imagery it’s here. You won’t find fix my car or how to grow dahlia’s.
It can be seen as a web designers dream WordPress, seriously thank Matt Mullenweg. He did a great service with his idea then he shared it. He continues to practice his art then shares his new extensions of it with us. Thanks again.
A blog: people get mixed up with the term blog it’s like the whole of WordPress is referred to as a blog.
In actual fact one page can be  dedicated to the blog and the rest a website.
When making your website like your book you use conventions or chapters: homes, about, type, services, descriptions etc., then you have one page committed to news, your websites content this is the blog page, in the case of the book; what happens next.
The worst thing is seeing a blog with one post or last posted January 2010; it is like seeing Google’s ‘Jim is dead’.
If you are going to get bored and have lost interest just remove the blog page. It is a hard graft keeping a blog yourself so it’s a good thing if you can find 2, 3, 4, or 6 people who will contribute and write. Having it specific is great if you can hold the reader’s attention like NASA.
Do people read blogs? Absolutely!