Eli the Computer Guy creating ‘A Better World for Geeks’

Eli is a great guy, great computer guy even and his folly is in here somewhere and he will get his donations. He is generous with his information and shares all he knows if anyone is interested in knowing.

She has great power over humanity.

Happiness depends on her. Men find it in women (who are fools). Friendship/marriage need folly to survive.

  All great actions depend upon Folly and her companions.

War, civil society and the arts are all founded on foolishness.

 Folly gives true prudence.

Real prudence is rash behaviour and requires buying into the world’s comedy (playing the part you are given).

  Folly brings true wisdom.

Without folly, wisdom would lead to suicide (life would be unbearable, old age intolerable, and shame overwhelming).

To be foolish is to be happy.

Men are, by nature, fools. Knowledge of science does NOT increase happiness. Undisciplined animals are the happiest animals. Fools are the happiest of men.

 To be mad or deluded is not necessarily bad.

There are many kinds of madness – some harmless and pleasurable. Self-love pleases all. Flattery, also, is an admirable form of delusion (it is kindness with good effects). The really sad thing is not to be deceived.

  Folly is greater than all the other gods.

Worshipped in all places, men are her living temples. People may worship the images of the Virgin and the saints, but they imitate Folly and her teachings.

 All people are followers of Folly.

The “wise” are included among her devotees including: grammarians, poets, rhetoricians, authors, lawyers, logicians, sophists, scientists, theologians*, monks, kings, courtiers, bishops, cardinals, popes, priests.

  To be foolish is to be fortunate.

The classics and proverbs speak of this. It is not any easier for a wise man to become wealthy than a fool. Foolish men are more attractive to women. Truly wise men shun fortune/money.

  Great authorities exalt Folly.

Folly is praised by the proverbs, philosophers, and sacred writers. Jesus, also, speaks of His foolishness. Christ favours the foolish of the world. We know that wisdom was not intended for men because the Tree of Knowledge was forbidden.

 Christianity is folly.

The church is full of fools. Its founders were enemies of learning. Zealous Christians are notorious fools. The ultimate happiness sought by Christians is a kind of madness.