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Value Vets
Value Vets

Ordinarily money is the end game. The animal is the subject, money is the object and money wins every time, strangely not in Value Vets Blackpool, Cork City. They don’t have catthe animal as a means to an end but the animal as an end in itself. Money is secondary.

Emma looked after the stray Coco the cat, a massive arthritic tongue hanger. Six months earlier castration and two teeth removed with an injection €48.

Yesterday a multiple of procedures, 2 injections, ear clean, steroids, antibiotics, ear mite solution and tick, flea and worm killer €81

In Value Vets, Blackpool, Cork the animal is at the heart of the practice. They don’t make it prohibitory for the human to look after the health of their animal; they do as much as animally possible to lighten the damage on the purse strings.

Vets generally charge at least €50/60 a visit, and money has this association with ‘pay peanuts get monkeys’. That nominal cliché is sent out there by the pecuniary powers of establishment that ascribes everything to cost. The higher the price the better the service.

Think about it, that psychologically weighted statement does affect thinking. You go to A; she goes to V who charges twice as much well, poor literally, you Fluff hasn’t a chance.

How do you know what kind of service you are getting? Well established vets feel they have earned this entitlement to charge as high a price per visit as possible because they are worth it, hey they’ve even proved their worth, look at our clientele and they are not talking about the animals.

Strangely since the recession that has gone out the door and humility with old pal empathy have come in, and we give a % to charity This entitlement comes from spending time at study, paid for by the tax payer. Opportunity sometimes hereditary. And that dark law underlying all health services, human and animal where the rich will live and poor die: control.

The animal gets lost in the small change but not in Value Vets, Blackpool, Cork City

Thanks VVB.