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  • adding custom widget
  • creative commons and your permissions
  • creating a Facebook business page 2014

What is Branding?


Adding a Custom Widget to add links to your sidebar

Go to appearance-Menu- create a 2nd menu call it ‘Sidebar’. On left create links to sites that will give your viewers more information.

‘Don’t forget to label them’

Then check the box under link box (add) them to the Sidebar Menu. SAVE.

The Custom Menu Widget allows you to display pages, categories, and custom links in your blog’s sidebar. Go to appearance-Widgets-Custom-drag Widget to your right and drop into any area you like,sidebar,Primary,Footer

Here’s an example of what it looks like when it’s activated on a blog sidebar.

menu_widgetTitle: Sets text that will display immediately above the custom menu in the sidebar.

Select Menu: Use this to choose which of your custom menus to display. If you haven’t already created a custom menu, you’ll need to do that first on the Appearance -> Menus page.You have done this already! Called it ‘Sidebar’. Choose it and SAVE.

Using Creative Commons is Appreciated:it’s good to share

 Creating a Facebook Business Page November 2014