The Fold

This term originated in the newspaper industry, where it refers to the content that is literally on the top half of the page — the part that’s showing when the paper is folded in half. The part that attracts attention.  ‘Where,what, why,how and who did what to whom’

Don’t believe all you read,hear,see applies

In web design, the term has a similar if slightly different meaning — above the fold is the portion of a web page that displays without having to scroll.

What should be in the fold? All your most important content, as well as the elements that define your brand, idea, story. Some of these include:

Responsive theme

A responsive theme is priority, a responsive theme is one that adapts to any device, iPad to iPhone, Samsung to Microsoft Surface 2 family dream machines. You can check a themes responsiveness by checking theme details.

Your Logo

Consistent branding is important, and every site should have a standard header that includes the logo and tagline for a company or organisation.

Site Navigation

Strong site navigation is one of the most critical elements of any website — and it should always be above the fold. Take the time to make sure your site content is well organised into appropriate buckets and let the site nav naturally guide users through your content.

Call To Action

If your websites main purpose is to encourage the visitor to take action in one way or another then your call to action needs to be above the fold. Its important for you to be very clear and to tell your visitors exactly where to click, who to call, and how to move forward.

If your business hopes to generate phone calls from their website make sure the phone number is easy to find. Adding Call us today! or Call now! in the space near the number is even better. Draw attention to the path you want visitors to take and help lead them to the place you want them to go.

Newsletter Signup

Building a mailing list is important for any business or organisation — it provides a direct communication channel with your most devoted followers. Make sure your newsletter signup is prominent and easy to find.

Social Media Links

This should go without saying but by now you should know that social media is a critical part of any web presence these days, and you’ll want to make finding your social networks easy for users — it provides a way for them to follow you without having to remember to come back and check the site on a frequent basis. Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube channel are among my favourites.

Search (For Larger Sites)

With websites becoming bigger and more complex by the day, search is becoming an important navigational feature to find content that might not be featured front and center — be sure your sites search function is easy for users to find if you are going to use one.

Your Most Important And Up-to-the-minute Content

Whatever is important to you right now is what should be above the fold on your homepage. A scroller or carousel that displays multiple items can be used to maximise space if you have a lot of content you want to feature on a daily or weekly basis.

Don’t Forget Mobile

Although mobile devices are changing the game in terms of standard screen size — and even orientation, with landscape vs. portrait viewing on many phones — understanding how to design for the fold is still an important best practice in website design.

One Last Thing

Its important to note that Google is singling out sites that place excessive above-the-fold ads; they’re not trying to penalise advertising-supported publishers who use a normal amount of advertising to help monetise their content. But be careful.Google rule the world.

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