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When Will Virtual Reality Headsets Be a Consumer Product? Bring back critical faculties:I’m human get me out of here, I say.

Oculus has actually sort-of released a consumer VR headset in collaboration with Samsung.The Gear VR is a special headset for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you have this specific phone and the headset, you can slot in the phone and put the headset on your face to experience virtual reality.

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But They’re Coming

At CES, the demo was a Cirque du Soleil show playing on the headset, and you could move your head to the left or right to see other bits of the show playing around  you. This wasn’t being rednered — it was a recorded video of a show being played back. Unlike the Crescent Bay prototype, the Gear VR lacked the all-important positional head tracking — you can turn your head, but not lean or move it in other ways.

In the longer run, VR will have more uses. Watching videos (especially ones recorded in 360-degrees) — movies or even live sports or performances — could be huge. Samsung’s Gear VR is already being used for such things. Other uses like meetings and communication are obvious, too. 2015 may be the year we all get our hands on these.

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