If you’re going to blow it fund a Project

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If you’re going to blow it € fund a Project

From as little as a tenner all the way up to the big huns why not throw a few bob into the ‘Blow11’ photo mag project.  A well produced affordable mag is hard to come by in these dropbox cloud days. Beautifully printed and presented it’s a collectors pearl issue by issue. Go for it actually no fund it! Go wan go wan go wan

One Day @ a Time

One Day @ a Time

TThe first thing you need is a domain name. You can use YourName.com if it’s available, or think up something snazzy. buy my domain names from GoDaddy.com, but you’ll need to ignore all the offers for extra services – they’re masters at the upsell. Now even though buyi ng the domain name is cheaper from Godaddy sometimes it’s best to buy from the host then you (more…)

Essential WordPress manual to download

book of kells letter eEssential WordPress manual to download

So why have a website? And what is the story with WordPress and their free software. Free to use and modify. Sounds too good to be true and if it is…! Well it isn’t! It does what it says it does, gives it to you to use and share and maybe make a bit of money out of using it as either a designer,developer or website owner.

So far no catch. Go for it. This manual  is a DIY manual and it gives you a good grounding on making changes yourself.

That same question was asked about electricity, (more…)