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So how do you get over yourself for the video cam?

So how do you get over yourself for the video cam?et

Yes, imagine it is the fear of your self out there. Out there among the gawking masses lol who will be watching and rejecting you on video. The video at the end of this post gets to grips with that initial OMG is that me? Turn it off. Amazing how beautiful a crow is over a robin or a slug over a bumble bee you just have to look harder!

The fear of being seen and heard and laughed at, with or any other way people perceive you is to find out how to overcome this. This is your mind. The mind is a philosophical (more…)

Google teaches you all about SEO and Adwords

all you need to know about SEO
all you need to know about SEO

Google AdWords is Search advertising, or pay per click, and is not the same as SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, where clicks to your website through organic listings are free.…evealed/71417/
This came as a response on
This link bought me to a site explaining the difference but also to where you have an option to do Googles’ own SEO and Adword online course.
It suggests starting at the beginning.
For anyone who wants to know how to measure what is happening on your site start with the ‘Digital Fundamental Analytics’ and best of all it’s FREE.
What you learn here is how to approach your site in a measured marketing capacity.
Google don’t make it difficult. The guy who gives the course is clear and understandable.

See for yourself

It really is what you would do if you had a shop on the high (more…)

On the Subject of Nip Tuck

Heard Henry McKeane on Newstalk today,when he said taxi driver lost 3 stone at Swimming World, thoughts of that sounds like a good idea, fit and tone instead of nip and tuck. Swim to fitness. After a search it turns out to be Slimming not Swimming which doesn’t sound too bad either, same ol same ol but much cheaper than the Motivation Clinic.

It’s All About Nip Tuck:8 Things to Cut Out on Social Media

8 Things You Should Never Do On Your Business Social Media Page

Social media has become a prime platform for businesses to engage and interact with prospects and customers. Problems arise, however, when company representatives, or even owners, do things on social media that jeopardise rather than help the business.

Here are 8 things you should avoid doing on the company’s  or  your own social media page. Remember even though the internet  offers the facility of communication try not to always have an agenda when you chat to another. Never lower your tone to  an others incite, like the TV switch off. 
It’s all about juggling the numbers keep it simple.


Face of SEO Gets Nip Tucked

 Eleven Types of Content You Should be Creating to Boost Your SEO

One of the major factors Google uses to determine where to rank your website is your external links. The more relevant links from authoritative domains you have, the higher you will be placed (in theory).

Google no longer allows you to manipulate the rankings by buying or building these links though, they want you to earn them by creating content that people will naturally want to link to and share instead.

But what content should you be creating? This handy infographic from gives you 11 types of content you should be creating to start earning links and building your SEO11 Types of Content You Should be Creating to Boost Your SEO