Websites are an ART?

Just what are ideas?

Letter book of kellsIdeas can be phenomenal (out there) or they can be serendipitous or they can be as you philosophise about something that has occurred or not.

Maybe you wondered what if? How about? Did anyone ever think about doing this, that or the other?

These are ideas in the making.

You will always meet with questions and comments. This is good. When you make others wonder and query and comment you are on to something.

Sometimes you may not even know where you are being taken it’s all a blur. Did you ever look at a photo and think what was happening at that time and second? The place and who are in it and how did it get from a click of a button,snap and there it appears on a piece of paper.

Now the person who invented the camera and the development of photos was not one person but a sequence of events.

And a number of people were involved and not all at the same time or even the same century..

Inventions and new ideas are extensions of other creations. It’s not necessarily to be the first but to have the most extended thought that brings an idea into place.

It is not focusing too much. Not becoming overly possessive and sensitive of the idea but sharing it and with conversational elaboration your idea will present itself.

The next stop is the Cork City Enterprise Board to get it tossed around.

Ideas can give you wings.

Dynamic Unity: Where do Websites fit In?

Dynamic Unity: Where do Websites fit In?

book of Kells letter S
Book of Kells letter S

Could a website be related to the thoughts of Spinoza. One world of facts and things and ideas. This thinking would appear to have little to do with websites and their creation, but think again. As an extension of his thought other ideas developed.

A website has a transcendcy, an out there effect even spiritual which (more…)