drag drop,links,add media,share embed youtube,

For week 3 please

  • Email yourself info for your home page, what you want others to see when they click your site.
  • An about page what you,your product or services are about. Check other sites to get an idea
  • A few related images for the header, content and background you can find these using Google on the night
  • want free hosting, domain name etc check out http://www.000webhost.com/faq.php

Week 2 we learned about the niche,the kitchen sink icons, headings, changing text colour,cut n paste using text box, adding images, sharing and embedding a video, adding a link to an image

Ideas for creating your niche aka long tail by Chris Anderson

an other idea if you didn’t want to rent space is ‘Drop Shipping’ 68.99% of online traders use this method

creating a new page go to pages-add new -then add title-content-image-preview, if you like what you see-publish

to see it on the front end -go to appearance-menu-check the page you created, click add to menu-it will be transferred to other side of menu -if you left click and hold your mouse down on any of the added pages-you can drag and drop them to where you want to place the page.ie you might like home at top and about indented underneath it. This is a child page. SAVE.

links and how to add a link to your page add a link

remember when adding link always check the box OPEN IN NEW WINDOW

how to save an image using save as and sending it to the desktop-right click the image from menu click save as- name it or make a folder for images-SAVE onto desktop – quick key to DT is press the windows flag +letter D

how to upload media from the desktop see link below

how to add media images to you page/blog

embedding a video -over the page content box  you will see  VISUAL-TEXT on right hand side- if you open the video- click share- then click embed-you will see HTML code -copy this -cntrl+ c

click TEXT mode put your cursor where you want to see the video and paste the CODE cntrl+v where you want the video to appear

how to share and embed a YouTube video this is the URL route

use the cntrl + c to copy and  ctrl+v to paste the content from other sites into text box in the kitchen sink

have a look at this

or check out Understanding  Themes