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Add a Paypal button to your site
What is Branding?


Adding a Custom Widget to add links to your sidebar

Go to appearance-Menu- create a 2nd menu call it ‘Sidebar’. On left create links to sites that will give your viewers more (more…)

Face of SEO Gets Nip Tucked

 Eleven Types of Content You Should be Creating to Boost Your SEO

One of the major factors Google uses to determine where to rank your website is your external links. The more relevant links from authoritative domains you have, the higher you will be placed (in theory).

Google no longer allows you to manipulate the rankings by buying or building these links though, they want you to earn them by creating content that people will naturally want to link to and share instead.

But what content should you be creating? This handy infographic from gives you 11 types of content you should be creating to start earning links and building your SEO11 Types of Content You Should be Creating to Boost Your SEO