Event Widget

Do you regularly host events as part of your work and/or play? Do you run a venue that hosts events regularly? You can add an events calendar and listing in your sidebar to promote your Eventbrite events with the Eventbrite Event Calendar/Listing widget.

Here’s an example of what it looks like:


Set up the widget

  1. Add the widget to your sidebar under Appearance → Widgets in your dashboard:
    Eventbrite Calendar Widget
  2. Click Authenticate with Eventbrite to connect the widget with your Eventbrite account. This opens a page where you can log in to Eventbrite or sign up for a new account:
    Eventbrite Login Page
  3. After you log in, click the Allow button to allow WordPress.com to access your Eventbrite account:
    Eventbrite widget - Allow access
  4. Now your widget will be linked to your Eventbrite account. Just add a title, click the Save button, and you’re all set!
    Eventbrite Calendar Widget - authorized

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Promote your events more!

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