Text box and Gravatar Widgets

  • Text Box widget is very handy as you can put your contact details on the top of every page by using this widget. there are two widget areas in Twenty Thirteen Theme’ the Main and the Secondary areas. ‘Main’ is the footer or bottom of your page.
  • The ‘Secondary’ is the sidebar: this is where you will put the widgets you want the public to see .Go to your dashboard  – appearance-widgets-widgets are in alphabetical order-go to text box -left click and hold on the bar then drag to side and into secondary area which is your side bar.
  • Type in contact, Important notice etc or any info you like, at the end of text box check the box that says automatically use paragraphs this gives a clean layout to text. ie Heading Join me at my Latest  event,
  • InText in box  Coming up in Oct / Nov: Introduction to Self-Hypnosis and Ditch your Limiting Beliefs workshops – £65
  • Once you add the widget to your sidebar from Appearance -> Widgets screen, you’ll see that the widget settings look like this:text-widget
  • Gravatar Widget
  • Here’s an example of what it looks like:gravatar widget display
  • add the widget to your sidebar from Appearance -> Widgets, you’ll see that the widget settings look like this:
  • widget config
  • Title – The title of your Gravatar image. (i.e. My ugly mug, About Me, About the Author)Select a user – Select a registered user of your blog, or pick custom and enter an email address in the box below.

    Size – Select a size for the Gravatar image (small, medium, large, extra large).

  • Gravatar Sizes
  • Alignment – Select an alignment for the Gravatar. Left and right will allow the text to flow either side of the image, while center will put the image in the center. No alignment will place the text underneath.Gravatar link – If you want your Gravatar image to link to another page (i.e. your About Me page) then enter a URL here.

    Text – Enter the text (HTML allowed) that you want to display with your Gravatar.

  • Troubleshooting

    • My Gravatar is not showing up!
      Please make sure to choose the correct username from the dropdown menu or enter the email address associated with your Gravatar image. You can check your Gravatar email address from the Gravatar.com admin page (log in using your WordPress.com username/password).
    • I’ve double-checked the email address (or username), but I’m still not seeing the image.