• Set up separate blog page
  • A static page
  • Stats on Internet Users for small businesses

For week 3 please let’s make your site is real to your users and to you

  • Email yourself info for your home page, what you want others to see when they click your site.Email some  images to yourself and you can access it and save it in class to a folder

Week 2 we  looked briefly ( we really wanted to get a page and blog going) at the kitchen sink icons, headings, changing text colour,cut n paste using text box, adding images, sharing and embedding a video, adding a link to an image. Creating page,Post setting up a blog using the menu.

Ideas for creating your niche aka long tail by Chris Anderson

Idea! if you didn’t want to rent space for a shop try   Drop Shipping’ 68.99% of online traders use this method.

  WordPress ideas from Tyler Moore