using quick and bulk edit to manage posts and pages

writing and publishing a post voice Mike Pick
adding categories and tags to posts

making a link

Multiple Blogs of Every Colour, Hue and Saturation all under one primary address, Handy.

First login to your new  WordPress site.  Hover mouse over your name on top right hand side-click manage my blogs-click create a new wordpress blog-create and name your new blog-scroll to end of page click free blog-

create and manage blogs




create a new blog 3


You can now manage all the blogs you want with a single login and user for all of them.  Remember F5 refreshes the page. Keep practicing.

Links and how to add a link to your page add a link

Remember when adding link always check the box OPEN IN NEW WINDOW

How to save an image – right click on image- save as – name it-save it in folder for images-SAVE

How to upload media from the desktop see link below

how to add media images to you page/blog

Visual and Text EditorEmbedding a video -over the page content box  on right hand side you will see  VISUAL-TEXT(editor)  if you open the video- click share- then click embed-you will see HTML code -copy this -cntrl+ c

Click TEXT mode put your cursor where you want to see the video and paste the CODE cntrl+v where you want the video to appear

use the cntrl + c to copy and  ctrl+v to paste the content from other sites into text box in the kitchen sink

Couple of clean, classic, responsive FREE  WordPress themes. HAVE A BLOG FOR EACH ONE.;)







Kenanmalik above used this premium theme below, nice



We created external links using words in your content, we did this by highlighting a word in your content or an image, the link symbol in kitchen sink highlighted click this: put in the URL you want the link to go to, add description,check open in new tab and save.

We looked at categories and tags and how to create them, slugs  and sticky posts and differentypes of post formats.