Week 4.1

The Hare and the Tortoise

 What we learned this week. Any questions just ask. Happy WordPressing.

Posts and the different formats ,we learned about the different styles of post from Standard to Sticky best way to see how they look is see them in action on your site.So start posting Sticky posts  are posts  that will stay at the top of your blog. Like an announcement/event/workshop

  1. using posts how to Categorise  and sub categorise vip for your reader, tags and their uses
  2. settings for your pages on the side bar Status, Visibility and Publishing
  3. make a contact page using the contact button over the kitchen sink-click add contact page -it opens with different labels you can add labels or delete or edit. Make it your own. Try a different header instead of contact ‘leave a comment’ Get in touch’
  4. putting a map on your contact page go to Google maps -type in your address be as specific or as non specific as you like
  5. the  link button on our Google maps is on top left where you will see the icon this is an old video
  6. try dragging and dropping  widgets to your sidebar and see what they do. You can drag and drop back into widget area again. Play around and have fun with it