This  week we looked at the importance of social media. Everything is sync’d.    Slides attached for your convenience about how Social Media works and its importance to your business. We looked at

  1. Custom widgets
  2. Selecting the template feature when you select a theme, this gives you the option of a clean front page with no sidebar
  3. Putting an image in using text box widget
  4. Putting in a Facebook like box
  5. Creating a facebook Business page this is the page you sync your twitter,LinkedIn and other social media to
  6. Using Creative commons

But first a short video to cut, copy and paste using shortcuts

  1. Using the custom widget to support links for your readers
  2. The Custom Menu Widget allows you to display pages, categories, and custom links in your blog’s sidebar. To use it, you first need to create a custom menu.Here’s an example of what it looks like when it’s activated on a blog sidebar.Once you add the widget to your sidebar from the Appearance -> Widgets page, you’ll see that the widget settings look like this.
    • Title: Sets text that will display immediately above the custom menu in the sidebar.
    • Select Menu: Use this to choose which of your custom menus to display. If you haven’t already created a custom menu, you’ll need to do that first on the Appearance -> Menus page.

The Links Widget displays a list of links (also known as a blogroll) in your sidebar. If you want to share your favorite blogs or websites with your readers, this is the widget for you.

To use this feature, you first need to create a blogroll.

Here’s an example of what it looks like:


Once you add the widget to your sidebar from Appearance → Widgets, you’ll see that the widget settings look like this:

  • Link category: The first dropdown allows you to select which of your links to display. You can choose All Links from all categories, or just links in a specific link category. If you want to display links from multiple categories you can add multiple link widgets, and display a different link category in each one.
  • Sort by: When displaying the list of links you can sort by Link title, Rating, Link ID, or Randomly. Choosing Link title will sort your links alphabetically. If you select Link rating, you take control over the ordering. You will need to set the rating option for each link. Sorting by Link IDs will display the links in the order in which they were created.
  • Show link image: Displays the image specified by the image address in your links.
  • Show link name: Displays the name specified in your links.
  • Show link description: Displays the description specified in your links.
  • Show link rating: Displays the rating specified in your links.
    Note: These settings refer to the information entered when adding a link.
  • Links to show: How many of the links you would like the widget to display. To display all your links, just leave the box empty.
  • Adding an image to your sidebar
  • http://youtu.be/d8byC1BxiMI
  • The Text Widget allows you to add text or HTML to your sidebar. It’s the most popular widget because of its power and flexibility.You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these.Note: Text Widgets fall under the same code security restrictions that posts and pages do, so if you use any code that isn’t allowed, it won’t be displayed.Here’s an example of what the widget looks like when you just add simple text:Once you add the widget to your sidebar from Appearance -> Widgets screen, you’ll see that the widget settings look like this:text-widget
  • Using the facebook like box
  •  This is what a Facebook like box look like if you have contacts
  • Post image for How to Add the Facebook Like Box in a WordPress Text Widget
  • If you have a Facebook Page (not just a profile), you can add a Facebook Like Box to your sidebar or other widget area simply by adding the Facebook Like Box widget from Appearance → Widgets in your blog’s Dashboard.facebook-like-box
  • Facebook Badges

    You can also add a Facebook profile badge or a Facebook page badge to your blog if you’d like. We have a full guide for doing so.

    Commenting with Facebook Accounts

    All WordPress.com blogs automatically allow Facebook users to login and comment using their Facebook accounts. Our system makes commenting super easy for your Facebook readers.


    Browser privacy extensions and add-ons, such as Facebook Disconnect, may interfere with some of these features and may need to be disabled.