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  • Mac users finding right click
  • Clear the cache
  • Creating a separate blog page
  • Subscribe email using Mailchimp
  • Having multiple sites under one account

This short video is for Mac users and where is that right click

Clear the cache  daily

When you press F5 sometimes you don’t see the changes you have made to your WordPress created pages. Or changes on other sites either. When it is said clear the cache this means you remove pages stored on your PC. They are stored for faster browsing. Here is a video that shows you how to clear the cache. You do not have to tick the other boxes,only if you want to.

Setting a page for a blog

Embedding an Email Subscribe Form

Ever wanted to start a new blog on WordPress.com and had to register a new account even though you already had one and just wanted another blog, not another login? That was pretty annoying, huh?

No longer! Now when you go to wordpress.com/signup as a logged in user, it lets you simply add another blog to your stable. As many as you want, need, or desire — no limits. You may also notice that when you’re logged in the WordPress.com homepage gives you a link to the admin section of all blogs that you have access to.

 Primary Blog

Setting the blog that you most commonly use as Primary makes it easier to access its settings when interacting on WordPress.com.


You can view stats for each blog by clicking the stats icon:

You can have as many blogs as you like but there is no point in creating them as it’s  a use it or lose it.