Decide on your own theme for next week, this way you can have your own personal website. WordPress’ new 2014 is pretty cool,clean,classic

If you want relevant images,header etc added to your site email them as attachments and send them to your self.

This  week we looked at the importance of social media. Everything is sync’d. You are either in or out go for it no one is looking? Twitter,LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook,Google + Tumblr
Slides attached for your convenience about how Social Media works and its importance to your business. We looked at

Widgets  Branding   Creating a Logo Syncing social Media with your site

Check the Page template feature when you select a theme, this gives you the option of a clean front page with no sidebar, two sidebars, a footer, three widgets in the footer, Default template


Easy way to add image in sidebar use post or page, it’s irrelevant

Image Widget

Choosing a Theme for your new Site

Previewing your theme

Thinking of Menus when choosing a theme and Managing them

Menu Management

Syncing  Your social Media

Occams Razor?

when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.”

Still,we insist on the bamboozle principle;)