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Eli is back and better in 2015


Eli Etherton — the self-styled “Computer Guy” whose YouTube videos and websiteare meant to teach “people how we get paid” — has one message for Baltimore’s tech community.

“We don’t push ourselves … and if they don’t start treating this like a business, then we don’t have a tech scene,” he said. Etherton has been pushing, particularly of late. But is it for better or worse?

Name: Eli the Computer Guy

State: Maryland

With CBT Nuggets since: 2012

IT background: MCSE, MCP+I and 1600+ hours of formal training… Worked in the military, corporate world and built my own tech support business to 9 full-time employees.  I currently have over 200 videos, 21,000 subscribers, and 1.8 million video views on my YouTube channel.

When I’m not making MicroNuggets videos, you’ll find me…  Practicing Kenpo, traveling, or watching my Koi.

The best part about making IT videos is… I don’t have to deal with clients anymore…

I’m passionate about IT training because… I believe that technology genuinely makes our lives better, and installing and supporting advanced systems is not nearly as complicated as many people think.

Eli will be making MicroNuggets!

Why Should You Build Your Website With WordPress?

Because you can build a website fast, and you can easily change the way it looks whenever you get the urge. There are thousands of free WordPress templates that you can use, or you can use the new default template that comes with the WordPress installation. It’s a huge improvement over the default template they used to have. Or, if you really get into designing your own look and feel a theme can take you anywhere.maze

Many people think that a WordPress site is “just a blog,” and that you have to write every day to keep it going. You can use it that way – WordPress makes it easy to build an online journal, or “blog”.
But if you prefer,  you can make all static pages, like this site you’re on now. Build a few pages with photos of your artwork or product or hobby, write a bit about yourself and your business or interests, and make it easy for people to find you if you want to be found. Just like a “real” website.


How About doing a night class: support your local school

WordPress: Small Changes are Simple (always a caveat) Once You Know How !!

Iwish more business websites were built on WordPress. Many people who have sites that need to be updated with new store hours, new products, etc., can’t do it themselves. First  you need to understand how WP works so enrol @

Ashton Community School Monday 730-9.30
Bishopstown Community School Tuesday730-9.30
 Douglas Community School Thursday 730-9.30
 St Colman’s College Midleton Co Cork Wednesday 730-9.30: – ( Cancelled not enough participants

It’s a great idea to try and learn how to make small changes. Knowing this would mean you can easily make small changes yourself. Someone here in town a small shop owner hired somebody to do a simple (more…)

So how do you get over yourself for the video cam?

So how do you get over yourself for the video cam?et

Yes, imagine it is the fear of your self out there. Out there among the gawking masses lol who will be watching and rejecting you on video. The video at the end of this post gets to grips with that initial OMG is that me? Turn it off. Amazing how beautiful a crow is over a robin or a slug over a bumble bee you just have to look harder!

The fear of being seen and heard and laughed at, with or any other way people perceive you is to find out how to overcome this. This is your mind. The mind is a philosophical (more…)

Take a Look at Your New Website

Take a Look at Your New Website

F BOOK OF KELLSirst login to your new site, type /wp-admin into the menu bar, up popswordpress login the wordpress login page.

Type in your username and password, and you’ll get to the dashboard the dashboard is where you make changes to the front of your site. It may look a bit intimidating, but we’ll go through the bits one at a time. The new default template looks nice, and it comes (more…)

One Day @ a Time

One Day @ a Time

TThe first thing you need is a domain name. You can use if it’s available, or think up something snazzy. buy my domain names from, but you’ll need to ignore all the offers for extra services – they’re masters at the upsell. Now even though buyi ng the domain name is cheaper from Godaddy sometimes it’s best to buy from the host then you (more…)

Dynamic Unity: Where do Websites fit In?

Dynamic Unity: Where do Websites fit In?

book of Kells letter S
Book of Kells letter S

Could a website be related to the thoughts of Spinoza. One world of facts and things and ideas. This thinking would appear to have little to do with websites and their creation, but think again. As an extension of his thought other ideas developed.

A website has a transcendcy, an out there effect even spiritual which (more…) Getting Small Businesses Online Getting Small Businesses Online Affordable,Effective,Professional,Essential

Kali is creation made whole.

Kali is a Cork City Partnership supported project. The aim of Kali is to get small businesses online with a reasonably priced website ie €300.
Good value with professional design and you’ll soon be online.
There are two types of website:
  1. Hosted There is a yearly charge for this hosting service
2.Self hosted There is no yearly charge for this website
At Kali the first appointment with you will be about your ideas, your content,your features.
It is important for you to have ideas about what you would like to see on your website.Websites
have personality but they are also uniform in the required HOME,ABOUT, WELCOME,CONTACT pages.